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Traveling with an infant or a toddler

Travelling with an infant or a toddler

Exploring the world with our kids can create so many core memories! But as amazing travelling with kids can be, there is one catch. The travelling part. Traveling through airports is often a nightmare by itself. From forgetting your passport to cancellations to running to connecting flights. So many opportunities for things to go wrong. And then add to the mix a kid. Phew! But don't worry, we can do anything when we are prepared.

The hustle of traveling

For many kids traveling can trigger some tantrums. The adults are stressed, the kids are excited, easily distracted and you got places to be. From getting to the airport, through security, on the flight and through the whole flight will be a challenge. All rules you have as a parent usually go out the window. Maybe you wouldn't usually rely on screen time or snacks so much on a normal day. But keeping them entertained can be crucial to getting them from A to B peacefully. If you are concerned, you can make sure you have books, games and colouring activities in your carry on or close by. This way you have a variety of activities to keep them focused.

Worth the while

But the travelling part doesn't last forever. And reaching your destination and showing your child their amazing world is definitely worth the hustle. Taking a break from busy schedules and spending some quality time together along side new cultures, food, people and languages is priceless.

Can you avoid the travel hustle?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution. However, planning and good preparation can make the experience feel significantly easier. If you are well prepared and ready to solve every obstacle with a positive mindset, everything will go smoother.