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Najell is growing fast - despite a dark year for e-commerce and the baby industry in Sweden

2023 was a dark year for both e-commerce and the baby industry in Sweden, with declining figures in turnover, childbirth and buying behavior. What is known as the baby crisis has affected many companies in the industry, with everything from major losses, reconstructions and bankruptcies.   

Ever since Najell launched its first product on the market, the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier, the company has grown steadily and profitably. The 2023 figures show the same positive development. Najell's turnover increases by 53 percent in 2023, from SEK 57 to 87 million. Despite credit losses in the wake of restructuring, the company exits 2023 with strong growth, a good profit margin of 12% and an operating profit of over SEK 11 million.  

The child and baby industry is to a greater extent than many other industries based on recommendations, which Najell sees as the foundation of its growth.  

"We are deeply grateful for the loyalty and support we have received from our customers in 2023." reinforces Niklas Najafi Kristensen CEO and founder. "It is their positive experiences, feedback and recommendations that have been one of our most valuable assets and have helped us continue to grow and develop as a company. We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to develop and design products that help parents find their own way into parenthood."  

In 2023, Najell has continued to develop and launch products that meet the needs of today's parents and their children. By offering high quality products and good customer service, Najell has strengthened its brand and continued to gain the trust of customers around the world.  

In 2023, Najell also chose to establish its first sales subsidiary in China.  

"It is very exciting to see our sales increase week by week in the Chinese market" says Niklas. "This year we expect to gain a firm foothold in China so that we can look ahead and do even more in other markets in Asia and elsewhere."  

The stage is set for profitable growth even in 2024 with several exciting launches, recruitments and new market initiatives.  

About Najell AB  

Najell is a leading player in children's products and parenting based in Lund, Sweden. Empowering parents to live their lives according to their own rules, by offering innovative and user-friendly products of high quality, is at the core of Najell's values. The company was founded in 2012 when founders Niklas and Freja realized the need to be able to rock children to sleep and move them without waking them up. This insight later led to the launch of the award-winning SleepCarrier product in 2014.  


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