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5 top tips for baby carrying

5 top tips for baby carrying

A baby carrier can make parents life so much easier. When you have a baby who thrives in a carrier you can walk, work out and do everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning etc, while having your baby close to you. Not to mention that you can move easily and freely around the city. This removes the hassle of dragging along a stroller that has to go up and down stairs, parking it somewhere, pulling it through the snow or grass, taking it n and out of a car and so on.

Many parents describe baby carriers as their number one product, a lifesaver, and a must. But some babies don’t like baby carriers on the first go. Here are our top 5 tips to get them to love it as much as you do!

Try more than once

It can feel very overwhelming trying out a new baby carrier with a newborn, especially when you’re tired and new to your baby. If possible, don’t give up straight away. Take a break and come back to it when you’re feeling relaxed. 

Test before baby

Following on from the point above…..take a look in the mirror when wearing it to help with positioning. If you’re worried and stressed,, your baby may feel it too, therefore, might have difficulties relaxing in the carrier. To prevent this from happening - test and try wearing the baby carrier before your child is born and/or before putting your child in it. Try it with a doll, a teddy bear or something similar to learn how to use it. 

Testing several times and trying different positions can help make your child feel familiar and safe in the baby carrier. The Najell baby carriers are really easy to use. Features like the magnetic buckles, make them easy to put on without assistance and you can fasten the carrier using only on hand.

Try at the right time

Every baby is different and soon you’ll learn when is a good time to put your baby in a baby carrier. For example, introducing the baby carrier when your child has eaten, has a new diaper, is awake or is on the verge of falling asleep. 

Wear the carrier correctly

A common mistake people make is that they use their baby carrier incorrectly. Wearing it too loose is probably the most common mistake and what often makes babies dissatisfied with baby carriers. It should look as if the baby is being hugged closely, otherwise, the baby might not feel safe. And it is not ergonomic for you who are carrying. Read our article on T.I.C.K.S safe babywearing- a guideline that helps parents to ensure they position their baby safely in the carrier. 

Go out for fresh air 

We all love fresh air and being outdoors, including babies. The moving feeling is something that makes us feel safe up to the age of adults (who has not been rocked to sleep on a bus, train or in a car?). So starting by using the baby carrier when going outside is a great way to make the baby carrier a thing associated with something positive for your baby. Even if it's winter you can go out with your baby in the baby carrier.

The fresh air combined with the movement created by you walking, plus the fact that there are lots of things to see and experience, make an outdoor walk with the baby carrier a pleasant experience.

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