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Easter Activities for the Urban Family


Easter Activities for the Urban Family

Remember when Easter was all about being bored? No TV, no games, no fun. Those times are long gone! Say no to boredom and to too long Fridays with these family activities.

Egg-stra fun easter activities

1. Organize an obstacle course

Kids love a more challenging play time. And adults love to feel like James Bond for a day. An obstacle course is a good way to play together, and at the same time encourage thinking and problem solving. Also, it’s a great physical activity that requires a lot of movement. Here are some easy low prep activities:

  • Hula-hoop and/or skipping rope: Succeed with x hoops or skips to move forward.

  • String obstacle course: Make a spy-like path with strings to cross.

  • Find an object in a jar blindfolded: Hide an object in a jar filled with spaghetti (to create the feeling of slimy snakes).

  • The floor is lava: Classic game that never stops being fun, the one who touches the floor loses.

  • Memorize what’s in the box: Put x objects in a box, open the lid and give the competitor a minute to remember what’s in it.

Look at Fort Boyard or Gladiators for inspiration. Or find more activities here.

2. Go on a hike

Hiking is a great way to explore the world and stay active as a family. Walk in beautiful environments that are calm, no traffic, without loud noise and polluted air. You move, exercise. And with a good baby carrier you can easily bring your baby. They are safe in the carrier, have plenty to look at and often sleep warm and cozy as they sit near you. Read more about hiking with kids here.

3. Cook and/or bake together

Cooking is not only great fun to do together. It also engages all of the senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. It is a great way to encourage imagination, empowerment and creativity. Cooking with your child and/or toddler is therefore important for brain development. But hey, don’t go for the masterchef recipes just yet. Keep it simple!

Here you can find a few easy recipes to do with your kids.

4. Learn something new

Have you always wanted to know more about dinosaurs? Or do you want to learn how to scrapbook, crochet or paint? Learning something together, sharing hobbies and showing interest in each other's activities have positive effects on family relationships. Dig deep and plunge into youtube videos, watch movies and read books at the library. Read more about the importance of family time

5. Do some gardening

Spring is a great time to plant and fix in the garden or home. Use your green thumb and make your environment a little greener. Choose your favorite plants and flowers, go and buy seeds together and do a little planting as a family. The small ones will enjoy both the gardening and watching the plants grow. It’s also a good opportunity to teach them about the environment, biology and science.

6. At home spa day

Stressed at work? Longing for a relaxing time? We know that it can be hard to relax when you have small kids at home and try to live an active lifestyle. You can easily sell the concept of an at-home-spa to your family. Bring out your yoga mat, do some kid friendly yoga exercises and make your own face masks together.

Just Google and you will find lots of recipes of dyi face masks.

7. Treasure hunt and egg competitions

Easter is all about eating eggs, painting eggs and hunting for eggs. Take the chance to clean out your closet and hide the treasury for the kids to find. Here are also some egg-stra fun competitions to do together:

  • Balance egg on a spoon: Hold the spoon in the mouth and balance it while walking a distance.

  • Throw and catch: Pair up in twos, throw an unboiled egg to each other. Start at a short distance to make it longer and longer. Whoever drops the egg first loses.

  • Attach the tail: Draw an enormous easter bunny. Use a post it circle as the tail. The one closest to finding the right place for the tail wins.

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