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 How the baby nest SleepCarrier enables you to work out

How the Babynest SleepCarrier enables you to work out

Are you eager to start exercising after giving birth? It can be hard to find both time and motivation to start exercising with a new family member. The time when you could just go out for a run is ancient history and someone else's needs always come before yours. But you should do your best to make it work because the reward is so big. Prioritising yourself with exercise, going out of the house, and meeting people is good for both your physical and mental health.

The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is appreciated by many parents. Especially because it makes it easier to keep your scheduled workout. Below we share some of our best tips of things you can do, and how the babynest SleepCarrier can help you on the way.

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Go for a walk

To start with, you can always go out for a walk. A walk outside will do so much for you. The fresh air and the exercise will give you much more energy to face the day instead of starting the day on the sofa. The best part? With the Najell SleepCarrier, you don’t have to schedule your walk according to your baby’s sleeping schedule.

If you put your baby to sleep in the SleepCarrier, it’s easy to transfer your sleeping baby to the pram when going out by using the handles. In that way, you don't have to worry about waking your baby up when it's time to leave the house. The SleepCarrier fits all strollers on the market, so when it's time for your stroll you're good to go!

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Bring the baby to the gym

It can be hard, and sometimes it’s even not allowed, to bring a pram into the gym. With the Najell SleepCarrier, you can leave the pram in the lobby and only bring the babynest when it's time for your workout. You can then transfer the SleepCarrier with you from the stationary bike to the rowing machine or whatever you choose to do.

Even though the baby isn’t sleeping, it will probably just enjoy watching you sweat and move around, while lying in a familiar environment. You can also fold out the SleepCarrier completely and turn it into a playmat, so the little one can practice some tummy time as well and strengthen the muscles at the same time as you. 

You should probably still choose a time when the gym isn’t too busy, to avoid too many people and noise for your little one. This also makes it easier to workout at your own pace.

Baby friendly classes

Many gyms offer baby friendly classes, where you can show up with your baby to the workout. In mom-fitness or parental-yoga classes the baby is welcome and sometimes even incorporated into the workout. These classes can be the perfect place for you to start exercising again, and you also get to meet parents in a similar situation, and even let your little one meet other babies. Once again, the Najell SleepCarrier is easy to bring along and keep next to your exercise mat. Sleeping or playing, the baby feels safe and comfortable and can choose to play, practice tummy time, or take a nap.

Finding time to exercise with the babynest SleepCarrier

The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier allows you to keep an active lifestyle and do the things you love after becoming a parent. As you can easily transfer your sleeping baby into the pram and from the pram into and around the gym, it becomes easier to keep your workout routine. You can show up to the pre-booked class or your own scheduled workout, without worrying about interrupting your baby’s sleep routine.

Still hard to find time for exercise?

If you still find it hard to find time to exercise, read our article about making time for a workout on a tight schedule.

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