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How to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas

How to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas

Celebrating your baby's first Christmas can feel exciting and also, to be honest, a bit nerve-wracking from time to time. However, see it as an opportunity to embrace the Christmas holidays and get into the full holiday spirit. And remember, it doesn’t have to be picture perfect. Just focus on getting some valuable family time and enjoy all those small moments together. In this blog, we'll explore how you can create beautiful memories for you and your baby’s Christmas firsts. 

Start those family traditions

First Christmases are the perfect time to begin those family traditions. Whether it’s as simple as opening presents straight after breakfast, Elf on the Shelf, or as niche as playing darts until midnight every year. These traditions will slowly be etched into the child’s memory. Choose a tradition that resonates with your family and create lasting memories.

Creative Christmas cards

There are so many lovely ways to make personalised Christmas cards - whether it's using cute or silly photos of your baby or being creative and using a handprint or footprint to create a ‘My First Christmas’ card. Check out this board for some great DIY Christmas card ideas. 

Dust off those baubles

Crank up the music, grab some snacks, and get those Christmas decorations out. Involve your baby in the process by playing music and letting them enjoy the sensory experience of twinkly lights and festive décor. 

Do your own thing

In the age of social media, it’s easy to feel pressured to conform to the idea of a perfect Christmas with matching PJs and elaborate gestures. There are no rules to Christmas, so do what feels right for you and your family and let go of that invisible pressure that you may give yourself. 

Head out

Many towns and cities host festive Christmas events, such as Christmas markets, carol services, and visits to Santa's grotto. Take your baby out, grab a hot chocolate, soak in the atmosphere, and get into the festive spirit. It can get quite busy around this time, so a baby carrier is a great way to carry your baby through the crowds. In that way, you can walk around with two free hands, while the baby gets to explore the world around.

Thoughtful gift

While your baby may be too young to fully understand gifts, a keepsake present for your partner or other family members can be lovely. A framed family photo, a personalised card, or a photo album is always appreciated. For your baby, something simple like a book, comfort  blanket, or their first bathrobe can be memorable. 

There are endless ways to make Christmas special and memorable for your little one.

Remember that the magic of your baby's first Christmas is not in grand gestures but in the love and time you share together. Embrace the holiday spirit, create traditions that resonate with your family, and let the love you have for your little one make this Christmas unforgettable.

Explore our blog for inspiring family activities to enjoy together during the festive holiday season.

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