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Must-haves to keep your baby warm during winter activities

Must-Haves to Keep your Baby Warm during Winter Activities

Everybody is talking about the snow in Sweden. The streets are crystal white. People are skiing to work (almost). All the kids want to do is go for sleigh rides.

A cold and crisp winter day is perfect for family activities. However, getting through the winter cold might be tough without the right equipment. We have gathered the essential winter must-haves for you and your baby.

Dress your baby for success

Firstly, your baby needs to be dressed properly for a day in the cold weather. A good rule of thumb is to think about what you’re going to wear, and then add a couple of layers. A one piece might be cozy for those really chilly days.

Wool garments and a warm sweater, a hat and some warm socks will do the trick. Read more about keeping your baby warm in the right clothing here.

What a winter-equipped stroller looks like

When going out in the cold, don't forget the essentials. Here are a few winter must-haves to add to your stroller to get through the colder seasons.

Use a Footmuff

This is a great investment for separating the chilly environment from your baby. Najell's Footmuff can be used in autumn, winter and spring and the temperature can easily be adjusted. It protects from the cold by keeping your small one in a breathable bubble and is designed to fit your stroller perfectly. 

Use a Baby Carrier Cover

Najell's All Weather Cover is a great accessory for both those rainy, autumn afternoons and those cold winter mornings. With its removable fleece lining and removable babyhood it keeps your baby warm and cosy.

Stroller gloves to keep the parents happy

A happy parent makes a better parent. It’s also important for you to keep warm in the cold. In addition to warm socks, a beanie and a warm coat make sure you have a great pair of gloves. Najell's Stroller Gloves fit perfectly with our Footmuff's and are easily attached to all types of prams and strollers.

Babies are more sturdy than you might think. There’s no point to stay home if it’s cold outside. Don’t be afraid to talk long walks and go on winter adventures together. Just make sure you’re well equipped for a day in the snow. To make sure your baby isn’t too cold, feel on the tummy. Add another layer or go inside for a coffee or hot cocoa if needed.