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Swedens 10 most popular boy names

Sweden's 10 most popular boy names of last year

Looking for Scandi name inspo for your baby boy? With the ever expanding list of name possibilities, it’s easy to feel a little lost. That’s why we have compiled Sweden’s 10 most popular boy names of last year. Who knows, your baby boy’s name could be in this list…

10. August

Latin in origin, August is derived from the name Augustus. The name itself means ‘the exalted’ or ‘the venerable’, implying that the carriers are respected and powerful. Today, August serves as the perfect fusion for parents who want something that feels modern yet with historic significance

9. Walter

Another name with powerful connotations, Walter is derived from the Old German word ‘Wald’. Meaning ‘commander of the army’, you may have a very decisive and determined baby on your hands. Whilst less common outside of Sweden, Germany and English speaking countries, Walter’s unconventional style doesn't feel old fashioned but charming. A great option for a more retro vibe.

8. Matteo 

Now we head over to sunny Italy with the name Matteo. An Italian variation of the name Matthew, its origin can be found in the Hebrew name Mattityahu and its meaning is said to be ‘a gift from god’. A more recent popular name in Sweden, Matteo feels energetic, symbolic and romantic at the same time. Your Matteo is bound to be a gift for sure. 

7.  Nils 

A classically Scandinavian name, Nils is a nordic variation of ‘Nicholas’. Coming originally from Greece, Nicholas has been interpreted to mean the ‘people of victory’. Nils has been a commonly used name in Northern Europe since the Middle Ages and has become synonymous with Scandi culture. An unconventional name outside of Scandinavia, it’s perfect for parents that want to directly celebrate their Northern heritage. 

6. Lucas

‘The one who brings light’, the name Lucas is taken from the Latin name Lucias. Interpreted as the word ‘light’, those who carry the name also carry its symbolism of brightness and positivity. But the western popularity of the name Lucas is nothing new. Outside of its historic significance, the name truly became the chosen one in the 1970’s. Most likely as a result of the release of Star Wars. With both names Lucas, George Lucas, and Luke Sky Walker being heavily associated with the classic, it’s easy to understand why many people wanted to be able to say ‘I am your father’.

5. Oliver 

Dignified and prosperous, the name Oliver is heavily associated with the Latin word ‘Oliva’, also known as ‘Olive Tree’. Made especially popular in English speaking countries by the novel ‘Oliver Twist’, Olivers are said to be kind and resilient. Similar to that of the book's protagonist. With the name itself representing beauty, peace and abundance, there’s no wonder such a classic name has withstood the test of time. 

4. Hugo

Described as ‘mindful protectors’, the name Hugo radiates wisdom and heritage. With both French and Germanic origins Hugo is said to mean ‘mind’ or ‘spirit’.  Meaning Hugo’s have been long associated with their hearts and being intelligent rulers. Who knows you may have a future politician on its way…

3.  Noah

The third most popular name in Sweden is one we probably all know. Noah is a Hebrew name stemming from the Bible. Generally interpreted to mean ‘comfort’ or ‘rest’, your Noah will hopefully encourage you to slow down and be present. Whether you are religious or not, Noah is a timeless and melodic name that works across cultures. Evoking a feeling of mindfulness, it's perfect for parents who enjoy life at a slower pace. 

2. Liam 

For Sweden’s second most popular name, we are taking a trip to scenic Ireland. An abbreviation of the Irish name ‘Uilliam’, Liam is an incredibly popular boys name in most English speaking countries. This spike in popularity was speculated to be caused by pop culture icons such as Liam Gallagher, Liam Payne etc. And although you may have a future super star in the family, the name's meaning is largely centred around being strong-willed, determined and protective. So whether it's music or any other passion your Liam will be determined to succeed.

1. William 

The most popular boys name in Sweden last year was… (drum roll)... William! From Kings to Playwrights, William has been used across many cultures and by many notable historical figures. The timeless name combines to mean ‘resolute protector’. Implying an instinctual need to defend those that are vulnerable. William’s are also associated with qualities like strength, determination and leadership. With such positive connotations it's no wonder the name was Sweden's favourite last year.

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