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The story behind Najell

The story behind Najell

Tell us about Najell

Najell is a Swedish brand that develops products for next generation urban parents. The core of our business is to combine innovative self-developed products with a design that has more in common with interior design than “classic” baby products. The Company was founded by married couple Niklas and Freja and has its offices located in Lund, Sweden. The starting point for all our product development is “This we think we can do better”. The next generation of parents have higher demands on adaptation. They want the possibility to continue their lives without too many changes to their customs and habits after they have children. We are a part of that generation and we design products based on a smart function and Scandinavian Interior design.

How did everything start?

The company was founded in the autumn of 2012 when Niklas'a brother had become a father to his first child, Isabelle. Niklas and Freja were asked to help put her down for a nap. They soon found out that to be able to do that, they would have to hold the girl in their arms and feed her with a bottle at the same time. Freja was first up for the task, but the Isabelle was heavy and soon Niklas had to take over. 45 minutes later with tired arms and a very sweaty jumper, Isabelle had finally fallen asleep. The main challenge had been that she was so heavy that it made it difficult to hold and feed her at the same time. Every time they tried to put her down after she had fallen asleep, she would wake up again. The change of surface temperature and position would wake her up, which meant that they had to start all over again. After that experience Najell was founded and the product SleepCarrier created, which reached stores for the first time in the summer of 2014.