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Top tips and baby essentials for spring activities

Top tips and baby essentials for spring activities

Swedish winters are cold, dark and feel like forever. So you know we are outside soaking up everything Spring has to offer the second we feel it in the air. But you know who else will appreciate getting out there this Spring? Our babies!

We already know that activities outdoors help our children develop. And with the warmer weather here, you probably want to get them outside exploring! However, any trip out with kids requires preparation. Therefore, it's good to think about what baby essentials you need. So whether you will spend spring staycationing in the city, venturing out to the country or just taking them to their favourite park, we have top tips and must-have baby gear for making the most of every moment. Now get out there, you've got memories to make!

Our checklist on how to...

Stay hands free

Your baby is like a best friend and sidekick all in one. But they can tend to take the 'side' part a bit too literally, by not wanting to physically leave it. This is where a baby carrier comes in.

The Najell Easy Baby Carrier is (you guessed it) super easy to use. Meaning you can get the closeness you both crave, while staying hands free. And with zero fuss or complicated settings. No wonder baby carriers are considered newborn baby essentials.

Want to make sure you both stay snug? The Najell Carrying Jacket will help you face any cool Spring breeze in style. Made from a lush teddy fabric, it fits easily around all Najell baby carriers. But allows to keep your timeless style.

Psst... The Carrying Jacket is also great for back carrying.

Stay spontaneous

Staying spontaneous with a newborn baby can feel like mission impossible. They have a sleep schedule to stick to! But what if it doesn't have to be that way...

The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is designed to help you live life on your schedule. It fit's in all prams and can extend into a full Play Mat. Meaning your newborn baby has a familiar environment for sleep and play that can be brought to any Spring adventure. Simply let your baby take their nap in the SleepCarrier and then use the handles to carry them with you, without waking them up.

Did you pass a new restaurant and have the urge to give it a try? No problem, leave your pushchair outside and bring in the SleepCarrier instead. They can nap next to you as enjoy a good lunch.

Stay mess free

Now you can't avoid all mess when raising smart, fearless and curious little humans. But you can definitely make life easier when it comes to your stroller. Najell's Seat Liner & Light Footmuff is a protective barrier between your baby and the stroller. Catching any accidents and making them effortless to clean. It is breathable, comfortable, and comes with a detachable Light Footmuff to safeguard your baby from wind, rain, and dirt. Making it an essential addition to your Spring adventure checklist.

Stay dry

Don't be fooled! Spring doesn't stop Mother Nature from giving us rain when we least expect it. But it's easy to stay rain ready when you have Najell's Rain Cover for your stroller or pram. With its universal fit and compact storage, Najell's Rain Cover can be easily stored under your stroller. So not even sudden rain can slow your Spring adventures down.

Stay independent

We have talked about baby and newborn essentials for spring. But what about us with bigger kids? Well spring activities offer a great opportunity to teach our (not so) little ones independence.

Your child's first Backpack allows them to take responsibility for their essentials. Not only are they then in charge of packing their favourite toys, snacks, books etc. But they then have to carry them, giving them a sense of ownership and self sufficiency.

The Najell Kids Bag Collection are bags with as much personality as they have. Whether it's the Backpack or Fanny Pack they can keep their essentials close and encased in a fierce teddy fabric. And with our Backpacks including a sitting pad and chest buckle, you know they are prepared for whatever their curiosity throws at them.

Hopefully we have proven that with a little planning, imagination and our top tips, you can make the most of spring this year. So, get outside and do the things you love to do, and enjoy all that this season has to offer!