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What do I put in a pram or stroller? Stroller Accessories for Summer.

What do I put in a pram or stroller? Stroller Accessories for Summer.

Summer is here and parents everywhere are soaking up the sun by taking their baby’s on stroller adventures. But it’s important to ensure that both your baby and you stay comfortable, cool, and carefree. And the easiest way to do this is simply being prepared. This is why finding the right stroller accessories is super important when getting out in the warmer weather.

In this article, we go through our 5 must-have stroller accessories specifically designed to make every experience as easy as a summer breeze. Now go say yes to whatever summer throws your way!

1. Stroller Sun Shade 

Like a pram parasol, a stroller sun shade blocks the sun from your baby when they are in the pram or stroller. A good stroller sun shade will have a universal fit and can be easily installed. Top tip! When looking for a stroller or pram sun shade, look for a cellular design. Cellular design is when very small holes are woven into the material allowing air to easily pass through. This makes the pram sun shade breathable, keeping your baby cool, while still blocking the sun's rays. 

Pssst… Cellular designs are pretty cool right! Well it doesn’t stop there. Cellular blankets are the perfect pram companion for keeping your baby comforted yet cool when out exploring. 

2. Baby Changing Bag

A baby changing bag, or diaper bag, is an essential when it comes to being prepared on summer stroller adventures. Most pram bags have dedicated compartments and pockets. Making it easier to bring and organise nappies, wipes, sunscreen, and extra clothing. However, some baby changing bags will go above and beyond. The best changing bags should include a portable changing mat for stress free nappy changes and an insulated thermo pockets for easy feeding. These essential extras allow you to leave your home confident that you are fully equipped to embrace whatever the day brings.

3. Stroller Shopping Bag

Whether you are hunting for holiday souvenirs or grabbing some ice cream from your local shop, it’s easy to run out of stroller storage space. A stroller or pram shopping bag keeps your essentials such as water, snacks, sunscreen, and any extras you pick up on the way easily accessible while strolling under the sun. The best stroller shopping bags need to be good travel bags, in that it stays balanced and doesn’t cause your stroller or pram to become unsteady. To make sure yours runs as smoothly as possible, look for a stroller shopping bag that attaches to the handle in 4 places and has a universal fit. 

4. Rain Cover

Mother nature has enjoyed keeping us on our toes this summer with her random downpours. But that shouldn’t force us to stay inside. Wherever you are in the world, if there is even the slightest possibility of rain, then you need a stroller Rain Cover. When looking for the best pram Rain Cover it needs to have a universal fit and be easily compacted. Meaning it can be conveniently stowed under your pram and then be installed in an instant. Never let pesky summer rain slow you or your baby down!

5. Seat Liner and Light Footmuff

As much as we try to avoid it, mess is pretty much inevitable when making summer memories. But just because you can’t avoid mess, it doesn’t mean you need to constantly clean your stroller. A stroller seat liner is the perfect accessory for keeping your stroller clean and comfortable. The easily cleaned seat liner protects against mess and dirt reaching the stroller. While the padding keeps your baby comfortable. A good summer pushchair liner will be breathable and include materials like air mesh. This ensures there is a good airflow around the stroller, keeping them cool, comfy, and ready to see the world. But even better stroller seat liners will come with detachable light footmuffs. Protecting your baby from dust, dirt and debris.

Hopefully this article has proven that with the right summer stroller accessories any adventure is possible for you and your baby. All you need is the right gear and every stroller outing can be calm and carefree. Just how summer should be. Now get out there and make memories!

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