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What is a footmuff and how to choose a footmuff for your baby or toddler

What is a footmuff and how to choose a footmuff for your baby or toddler

You may not have come across a footmuff (also known as cosy toes) before and if that’s the case, we explain what the practicalities and benefits of owning a footmuff are.

What is a footmuff?

Imagine a sleeping bag you use for camping. A footmuff is pretty much like that, but for babies and toddlers. There are several different styles on the market, but it usually covers their lower body all the way up to their shoulders. Most footmuffs are attachable to the stroller and your little one is strapped into the buggy as normal. It is designed to keep your little one dry, warm and comfortable when it gets chillier outside. 

In addition, it is a really practical and hassle-free accessory. In that way, parents do not need to worry about bringing tons of blankets or extra layers to keep their child warm. With a footmuff, you can just put your baby in and it will keep your little one dry, warm and comfortable. 

How to choose a footmuff for your child

There are lots of factors you want to consider when picking out a footmuff for the stroller, but here are our top tips:

Materials Matters: The footmuff needs to be lined with good quality materials that are soft and keep your child well insulted, particularly on cold days.

Protection and weather ready: A buggy footmuff should be designed to protect your little one from water and damp conditions to ensure your child stays dry and snug, whilst protecting them from weather conditions such as wind or snow. 

Long-term Use: Having a footmuff that you can use from day one is a great investment. A footmuff that is newborn-friendly and can be used until they are toddlers or around 3 years old means that it will be a practical accessory for years.

Compatibility Check: Having a universal footmuff that fits on most, if not all, prams and pushchairs like a Bugaboo, Uppababy or a Silvercross means that you will have a versatile and practical product to use everyday. You can start using it in the pram, and then easily transition to stroller when your baby gets older. 

Temperature control: Some footmuffs come with adjustable features, allowing you to regulate the temperature inside the footmuff, so you can use it both as a  winter footmuff or a spring footmuff. Features like a side zip and adjustable poppers make it really easy to let cool in or completely close up on colder days. 

Style: As much as the practical side is important, we can’t forget how it looks! Consider the colour and style of the footmuff to match with your personal aesthetic. 

Najell Footmuff

By keeping these points in mind, you can confidently select a footmuff that not only prioritises your child's comfort, but also provides a practical and hassle-free experience for your outings. The Najell Footmuff ticks all these points off and more. If you’re seeking a stylish and practical solution to keep your little one warm, comfortable and dry over the changing seasons then the Najell Footmuff has got you covered. Najell Footmuff has been named the best footmuff for ergonomic pushchairs by Pricerunner. The Najell Footmuff fits in all prams and strollers on the market and the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier. The filling is made out of Sorona, a recycled material that is both fluffy and warm. You can easily adjust it by opening up or closing the zipper and is suitable from newborn up to three years old. 

Najell Footmuffs