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10 empowering things you learn about motherhood

10 empowering things you learn about motherhood

We know that motherhood isn’t always a walk in the park. And despite the fact there’s no right or wrong and what works differs from family to family, it is easy to feel like you are getting things wrong.

But remember, being a mother is like being a superhero, challenges are just part of the job. That’s why we want to empower you to trust your gut and forge your own path in motherhood.

So to give you a boost we have listed 10 empowering things you learn along the motherhood journey. Hopefully this inspires you to think about what empowers you?

1. Pain has nothing on you

Most of us agree that giving birth is one of the most amazing feats the human body can face. However, to say that delivering a baby is tough and painful, is an huge understatement. If you can get through that pain, you can survive anything.

2. You can handle ALL moods

Hormones, hormones, hormones. Emotions are everywhere and it can be hard to collect your thoughts. You can go from being the happiest person on earth to wanting to cry at the smallest thing. Yet despite this you still get through the day being an incredible person? Now that's what we call resilience!

3. Your body can take anything

So during pregnancy, your body grows a whole new organ plus a human, blood volume increases by 50 %, and yet is still able to return to its normal state after a period of time. If you didn't think you were super human before, you better now.

4. You’re a damn good multitasker

Your baby will need your attention all the time. So suddenly, you need to make to most of every spare minute. It’s incredible what you can achieve while your baby has a 40-minute nap.

5. Women's intuition is very real

Your baby’s communication skills will get better with time. Meaning in the beginning their needs and wants seem unclear to most. But it will feel like you can almost read their mind and understand what your baby wants. Amazing right!

6. Being a mother is being like a boss

Forget about expensive leadership courses and work experience. Leading the way for a small person will teach you all the skills needed to be a great leader. Strategic thinking, active listening, creativity, and the ability to inspire and convince? Yup, got them all covered.  

7. … and a mother is both a teacher and a student

We teach our children everything. From how to behave in social situations to how cows are able to sleep standing up (we still aren't 100% sure on this one). However, somewhere in the teaching process, you will go from teacher to student. It's from the seemingly random questions our kids throw at us that we learn and grow too.

8. Success is measured differently

Before parenthood, success is somewhat easy to quantify. Setting a personal best at the Sunday run, getting promoted at work, or getting a good grade. The fruits of your labour are obvious. Success in parenting, however, is a completely different thing. It will be in the small moments where you feel like you've won. When the baby cuddles up in your arms, when hearing the first word, taking their first step. Those are the things to celebrate!

9. You’ll enjoy the small things in life

Life changes when becoming a parent. You won't have as many hours in the day to do the things you used to do. However, this will make you appreciate all those moments and free time a lot more.

10. It’s the strongest bond there is

The feeling of connection that you have with your baby is hard to describe. Suddenly, you have a person in your life that you want to give the world to. And that feeling is possibly the best feeling there is.

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