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Cool carrying this summer? Here's how to choose the right material.

Can I use a baby carrier in hot weather? Here's how to choose the right material.  

The summer is almost here. Hopefully warm, wonderful days in the sun awaits us. A common question asked by parents is 'Is it safe to use a baby carrier during summertime?' The short answer is yes! 

Using a baby carrier during the summer gives you freedom and makes it a lot easier to go on all those adventures and trips together. However, it’s important to choose a carrier with breathable material to make sure that you and your baby are comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle. Here are our top tips for baby carrying this summer.

1. Natural fabrics such as cotton are comfortable in the heat

Cotton is always a good choice in the heat. It’s a material with natural fibers, which makes it cool even though the fabric itself can be quite thick. The fiber structure makes it more breathable than other fabrics and it is also highly absorbent. Therefore, it wears beautifully both in dry heat and humid conditions. 

If you have a smaller baby and are thinking about a baby wrap, cotton is a good alternative during summertime. It’s nice and soft against the baby’s skin, offers a natural UV-protection and is light and cool to wear. In addition, wearing a baby wrap can help offer skin-to-skin contact which helps the body become a natural incubator and regulate its temperature according to the baby's needs.

2. Make sure that the baby carrier ensures good airflow

It’s really important to buy a baby carrier that ensures good airflow to prevent your baby from being overheated. Some fabrics are quite compact, making it hard for the air to flow back and forth. 

Airmesh is a unique loosely knitted material that gives stability and is soft and airy for the baby. The lightweight fabric has an open hole structure that wicks the moisture away from the body, and lets the air flow freely. It’s breathable, practical and cool for you and the baby. The airmesh fabric is durable, easy to clean and water repellent.

3. Choose durable materials that last

All those summer adventures require durable material. Kids (and not to forget some adults!) have a tendency to be quite messy, and you want to be able to move freely without worrying about dirt. It’s also important to be able to put the baby carrier or baby nest down on the ground without damaging it. 

Thicker, more robust fabrics such as jeans, lasts for a long time without being worn down. Feel the fabric thickness and structure before making a choice, and don’t forget to check the washing instructions. To be able to just throw the baby carrier in the washing machine if it gets dirty makes life a lot easier.

4. Do you enjoy being active outdoors? Pick a carrier that matches your lifestyle

If you’re active and move around a lot with your baby, it’s important that the carrier is flexible and practical. At Najell, comfort for the baby and parent is a priority, which is why we use soft, breathable and stable materials. So even on a hot day, you can wear the carrier for a long period of time without any discomfort.

The padding on the Najell Rise consists of several thin layers of different foam making the baby carrier feel padded and soft where it is needed letting you move around and stay active easily, whilst ensuring you don't get hot and sticky on a summer's day.

Najell Rise Baby Carrier - minimal settings, maximum comfort.

The Najell Rise baby carrier is designed for elevated style, comfort and functionality to get your baby into the right position every time. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, if you’re at home or out, if the day is active or relaxed. The Najell Rise is lined with airmesh so it ensures a good airflow and keeps the baby cool. In addition, it has an innovative adjustable front panel, which allows you to change the width of the lower front panel, even when you have just one hand free. This allows you to adjust the baby’s sitting position, making forward facing easier and ensuring everyone has maximum comfort. So whatever your day looks like, the Najell Rise allows you to spend time together, hands free with no concern about discomfort.

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