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Avoiding frustration as a parent

Avoiding Frustration as a Parent

Finding a sleep routine with our baby's causes frustration. It's hard to avoid and it's nothing to be ashamed of and it's nothing to be ashamed of. You are human trying to be the best parent you can be. Remember that! But when you do feel yourself getting annoyed you can fall back on these tips.

There is no best way to help your baby to get them in sleep. What matters is that you should feel good about how you deal with your child's night's rest. Here are three tips that are worth to try. From then it is up to you and your family to find out what works. Always remember, everyone is different.


Try to figure out a bed time routine that works the best for you. And it doesn't need to be complicated. It could be as simple as you bringing the baby to their room, putting on their pj's, getting cozy, reading a book or singing a song before saying goodnight.

However it looks, it's important that you be consistent and follow the same routine. Over time, the baby will learn that sleep comes after those activities.

Less naps

It's difficult to wake a baby while they're sleeping. But letting the baby sleep during the day can upset their sleep at night. Every child is different so try to figure out how many hours of sleep your baby needs during the day to still sleep good at night. You can see how much nap time your baby needs by their age here. But if you feel your child needs longer naps, feel free to increase the nap times. You know your child the best!

Keep moving

Not long ago your baby lived in the womb, in a state of drowsiness while you did your daily things. Moving is still sleep-inducing for your child. You may have already noticed this when your baby is in the car, train or pram.

Walking slowly around the house or having a short walk outside can help. With the SleepCarrier you can hold your baby close via the harness whilst still having your hands free. And by swinging the Babynest SleepCarrier back and forth you create a feeling of calm. Then once your baby has fallen asleep, you can easily lay them down without being disturbed. The SleepCarrier is also perfect for going out with the stroller. Use the SleepCarrier to gently lift the baby out of the pram without waking it up.

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