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What you need for your baby's first summer

What you need for your baby's first summer

Is it your first summer with your baby? Fun! When you decide to spend your day downtown, in the park or at the beach, you might want other options than the pram for your baby. A baby carrier will make it possible for you to carry the child in an easy way and give the baby a different view of the world.

Makes long walks, adventures and hiking possible without a pram

“We used the Najell baby carrier since our daughter was 6 weeks old, now she is 9 months old and we sometimes go on hikes for several hours. The carrier sits good on our bodies and our daughter is very happy in it. When she gets tired we turn her towards us and she can fall asleep.”

- Maria

Traveling, discovering and embarking on adventures does not have to be as big a project as you may think. With a baby carrier, you can easily discover the world together without having to bring the pram or stroller.

Lightweight and easy to pack

“I am extremely happy with this baby carrier from Najell – it is very lightweight and compact, which makes it really easy to always carry it around (it can also easily fit in a bigger purse). It is very simple to adjust the carrier and safely put the baby inside with just one spare hand! This baby carrier is very much loved by me, my husband and the baby! Highly recommend!”

- Karolina

If you need to, the Najell Easy is light and fits perfectly in your bag. It weighs only about 650 grams and takes almost no space in your purse, bag or stroller. In that way, you can easily bring it with you during your travels.

Great for all types of weather

“My 3.5 year old LOVES the cold weather and my 4.5 month old thinks maybe it's just a bit chilly. But we have to go out, and when you are not sure whether the pram is a hit or not - then it's AMAZING that the Najell Easy baby carrier can be put on under the jacket and the baby can just be put in it without the jacket having to come off and a lot of stuff must be fixed.”

- Vikle

Parents all over the world struggle when the weather changes. Especially, when it suddenly gets cold, rainy or windy outside. The Najell Easy is made of airmesh, a material that breathes, ensures airflow and keeps the baby in the right temperature. Whether or not if you're in the summer sun or winter cold.

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