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Najell Babynest Tulip
Najell Babynest Tulip
Najell Babynest Tulip
Najell Babynest Tulip
Najell Babynest Tulip

Najell Babynest Tulip

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  • The babynest that extends

  • Safe breathable material

  • Najell Babynest Tulip - The growing babynest

    The Babynest Tulip is the babynest that grows with your baby. You can easily extend the babynest from a snug newborn fit to a growing baby. Your little one will have their own bed for as long as you and your baby want to.

    A babynest that grows with your Baby

    Unique to the Najell Babynest Tulip, the babynest can be adapted to fit your baby depending on their age. Starting from newborn to 3 months, simply use the Tulip with no extra attachments. When the baby grows out of the smaller sized pod and needs more room to play or rest, you can attach the extension to make it 32 cm longer. Giving you 6 more months to enjoy the Babynest Tulip together. 

    And the low but firm sides make it ideal for breastfeeding while lying down.

    A safe place

    Whether it’s supervised play time, tummy time, sleeping, or just time to spend with your baby, the Babynest Tulip is the best spot. With its unique breathable cushioned air mesh sides and plush yet firm foam mattress you know they are safe and comfortable as you bond and play. 

    If you choose to have your baby as a co-sleeper, the Najell Babynest Tulip could be used as a way to separate you from your baby whilst in bed.


    0-3 months size: 43 x 55 cm
    3-9 months size: 43 x 88 cm


    • Main fabric: 100% cotton

    • Air mesh: 100% Polyester

    • Filling: 100% Polyester

    • Mattress: 100% PU

    All textiles have been tested for harmful substances by a market-leading test institute.

    All parts have been tested for harmful substances.


    Wash at 40°
    Dot not tumble dry
    Wash by itself
    Wash in a laundry bag
    Lie flat to dry

    User Manual

    In the user manual you will find instructions on how to use the Najell Babynest Tulip.

    You can find the user manual here.

  • How does the Babynest Tulip extend?

    The Babynest Tulip will come in its 0-3 month form, without the 3-9 month extension attached. Once your baby has passed 3 months or just needs more wiggle room you can add the extension. To do this, open the velcro on the cushioned side found on the bottom of the Babynest Tulip. Once this is opened you can connect the extension to the main Babynest via a zipper that’s placed towards the bottom. From there, just connect the cushioned sides by putting the velcro through the loops and securing on both sides.

    How big is the Babynest Tulip?

    The outer dimensions for 0-3 months: 79 x 43cm. The inner mattress dimensions for 0-3 months: 55 x 29,5cm. The outer dimensions for 3-9 months (with extension): 99 x 43cm. The inner mattress dimensions for 3-9 months (with extension): 88 x 29,5cm.

    What are the sides made of?

    The Babynest Tulips sides are made of an air mesh material, a unique soft material that children can breathe through.

    How can I use the Babynest Tulip?

    The Najell Babynest Tulip is perfect for those cozy moments at home. It is the ideal spot for supervised play time, tummy time, lounging and sleeping. Plus you can easily add your baby gym to the pockets on the side. Improving your baby’s emotional and mental development through supervised play.

    What age can you use the Najell Babynest Tulip until?

    The Babynest Tulip is designed for newborns to 9 months.