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Najell takes babywearing to the next level and sells out first three deliveries since May

But do not worry, there are more deliveries on the way!

Najell, the renowned Swedish brand recognized for their baby nests and baby carriers, recently launched a new baby carrier. It is called the Najell Rise and is taking babywearing to the next level. The demand has been through the roof and all carriers from the first three deliveries have already been sold out before products have arrived into the warehouse.

The Najell Rise is the newest addition to our baby carrier range and has a continued focus on making babywearing easy and comfortable.”, says Monique Holmqvist, Head of Design at Najell. “The newly designed adjustable front panel and multi-layer padding make it even more comfortable to carry your baby." , she adds.

The Najell Rise has an easy-to-use slider right on the front for customising your baby's seating position. The Rise baby carrier has the same magnetic buckles parents already know from other Najell carriers. They make it a breeze to place your little one inside, and you can do it with just one hand.

We are extremely happy with the reception of the carrier over the summer!”  says Monique.

The Najell Rise Baby Carrier is available at Najells website and selected retailers.

Find more information and all the colours here:

About Najell 

Founded in Lund, Sweden, Najell is a brand that creates safe, comfortable, and stylish products for urban parents. Najell's products are designed to make parenting easier and to allow parents to live life according to their own rules, without sacrificing style or safety. From pregnancy pillows, baby nests and baby carriers to stroller accessories, Najell's products are trusted by parents around the world. 

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