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10 Facts about babies and sleep you should know


10 facts about babies and sleep you should know

Sleep. Teens can’t seem to get enough of it. Parents miss it badly. And babies spend the majority of their day doing it. Here, we’ve gathered 10 facts about babies and sleep you probably didn’t know! 

Did you know this about babies and sleep?

1. Babies have shorter sleep cycles than adults.

They can have up to 10 cycles per night - and as a matter of fact, they can be as short as 30 minutes.

2. Newborns can sleep up to 17 hours per day.

However, we know that it’s not always in one stretch…

3. Newborn babies can’t tell the difference between day and night.

In fact, their internal clock, the ​​circadian rhythm, hasn’t developed in the first three months of life. So... say hello to a few all-nighters ahead...

4. Probably the best getting-your-baby-to-sleep-hack in the world?

New dad Nathan got his little three-month-old baby to sleep in just 40 seconds(!?), using nothing but a tissue. Wanna try it? Just look at this video.

Didn't work? Read our 3 tips to help your baby sleep

5. Babies learn and grow in their sleep.

In the first three months, the brain grows by 1% each day. Also, it works super hard to process what’s happened during the day, build memories, and form knowledge. Pretty cool, right?

6. Never go to bed hungry?

In general, fed babies usually sleep better and for longer periods of time.

7. Research has shown that young children sleeping outdoors sleep longer than children sleeping indoors.

A warm baby carriage is for example a safe place for young children to lie in. Fresh air feels good and if someone walks with the carriage it rocks a little bit ... Hours pass. Zzz.

8. Skin-to-skin carrying helps babies sleep!

Instead of hours of crying and restless behavior, a baby being carried often sleeps deeply and calmly for longer periods of time.

9. Babies might fall asleep easier with some white noise.

White noise is a low-frequency sound that’s similar to the sound in the womb. As a result, the baby connects the noice to that safe, comfortable feeling in the mother's belly. If you want to try it out, there are several playlists available on e.g. Spotify (or other streaming services).

10. You can change the diaper without waking up your baby.

Keep diapers, wipes, and a night lamp with dimmed light by the bed. Then you can almost do it in your (and your baby’s) sleep. The Najell Sleeping Bag, features a zipper from the bottom up the side, plus shoulder poppers making changing time easy and hopefully calmly so your baby stays asleep!

Baby products that make sleep easier

Rocking your baby to sleep is a well-known trick used for centuries. With the babynest Najell SleepCarrier, you can swing your baby back and forth to calm your baby. When the baby has fallen asleep, you can easily lay down the baby nest in your bed, or in the crib, and the child can continue to sleep without being disturbed.

Carrying your baby in a baby carrier or a baby wrap during the daytime is a real sleeping pill for your baby. And at the same time, you can do everything you want to with two free hands. Isn’t that great?