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Babynests- Why are they so popular?

Babynests- Why are they so popular?

In recent years, babynests have become an essential product for parents to buy for their newborn baby. But why is it so popular? Most importantly, are they safe? 

What do I use a babynest for?

One of the reasons that babynests have become so popular, is that today doctors and healthcare professionals recommend babies to sleep on their backs. Placing your baby on their back to sleep decreases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). In a babynest, the baby is placed on their back, meaning the possibility of turning over to the stomach is reduced. 

Babynests are also useful for parents who let their babies sleep in their beds. Having the barriers of a babynest reduces the risk of rolling over them as you sleep. The baby’s head should be at the same height as the parent’s head. In that way, it’s less likely that their face accidentally gets covered with a duvet or a blanket during the night. 

Additionally, many parents see that babynests help create a feeling of safety and familiarity. The surrounding environment resembles that of the mother's womb. Meaning you have a familiar environment for your baby when you find yourselves in new places.

Are babynests safe?

One of the reasons for designing the SleepCarrier was to create a safer babynest. The sides have breathable airmesh, that your baby can breathe through. The mattress is comfortable but not super soft. It is made out of firm foam and a wooden board underneath, so the baby can’t drill their face in.

When babynests have overly soft edges and mattresses, they pose a suffocation risk. This occurs when a baby’s face becomes pressed against the soft edges, making it difficult for them to move out of that position.

The Najell SleepCarrier is safety tested for both baby sleep and for transporting your baby.

What to think of when buying a baby nest?

  • Safety: Is the baby nest safety tested in any way? Check the softness of the sides and the mattress, and the standards it follows.

  • How long you can use the product: Babynests come in different sizes. You both want it to fit for your newborn but also be able to adjust it to your growing baby.

  • Material: Make sure to choose a product with materials that are good for both your baby and the environment, and are of high quality and long-lasting.

In this way, you know you are getting the best and safest product for your baby. If the babynest has more than one functionality, you can use it longer and might save money and space by just buying one product.

The Najell SleepCarrier- A Safety Tested Baby Carrier

The Najell SleepCarrier X has been tested and approved according to the following standards:

  • Najell SleepCarrier® meets the safety requirements of the European Safety Standard EN 1466:2023, EN 16890:2017 & U.S. ASTM Safety Standard F2050 −19. 

  • Approved according to Chinese standard GB/T 33734-2017 and GB/T 31701-2015. 

  • All textiles have been tested and approved free from harmful substances by a market-leading test institute.

You can easily adjust the sides of the nest to fit your growing baby. The SleepCarrier can be used as a flat play mat by opening the sides. For easy transportation with the handles or the harness when you need to move your sleeping baby without the risk of the baby waking up.

The Najell Babynest Tulip- The Babynest that grows with your baby

The Babynest Tulip is the babynest that grows with your baby. You can easily extend the babynest from a snug newborn fit to a growing baby. Your little one will have their own bed for as long as you and your baby want to.

Whether it’s supervised playtime, tummy time, sleeping, or just time to spend with your baby, the Babynest Tulip is the best spot. With its unique breathable cushioned air mesh sides and plush yet firm foam mattress you know they are safe and comfortable as you bond and play.

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