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Benefits of Baby wearing- For the parents

Benefits of Babywearing - For the parents

When we talk about the benefits of babywearing, it is usually from the perspective of benefits to the baby. And while your little one is of course a priority, you should also think about what’s best for you! In this blog we talk about some of the benefits of carrying your baby, but from the parents perspective.

Two free hands

One of the main benefits of using a baby carrier or baby wrap is that it gives you two free hands. Providing you with the freedom to do the things you want to do, while still interacting with your child. Plus as they are in a close carrying position, they gain a sense of security usually keeping them happier for longer. 

And once it’s time for their nap, you have already gotten things done meaning you can enjoy the time you have as your baby sleeps. Take a nap, call a loved one, watch Netflix, or read a good book. The opportunities are endless.

Freedom - leave the stroller at home

Strollers are one of the most appreciated baby products. However, in some situations, they can be a little awkward. In crowded or small spaces, it might be a good idea to leave the stroller at home. Using an ergonomic baby carrier is the perfect alternative. As long as it is a comfortable one. There is nothing worse than being in a crowded place, with a newborn baby, and your carrier is either uncomfortable or too hot. 

The best carrier is one that is enjoyable for both you and your baby. If it is a baby carrier wrap it should be a soft and stretchy wrap and if it is a structured carrier, look for a cooling air mesh material. Both of these factors should mean you are able to carry for a longer period of time.

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Carrying your baby in a comfortable and soft baby carrier means you are constantly interacting with each other. Helping you learn more about your baby and them to learn more about you and the world around them. 

Babies are curious, and a child that is carried is usually more content. So they will likely love heading out into the big world with you, spending quality time together, and learning what you love to do. 

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Active lifestyle and a longer life

Carrying your baby will automatically make you more active. If it’s around the house, going to the park or walking in the city. Babywearing will naturally make you live a more active lifestyle. You are on the go, whether it’s doing things around the house or going for a walk together.


As new parents, getting rest and sleep is very important. But being active, meeting people and trying new things are also important in keeping us happy. And a baby carrier can be a big help in doing so. Making sure you continue doing the things you love means you are more likely to enjoy this new stage in your life and the time with your child.