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Choosing a city life with a baby

Living in the city can be the perfect environment when you are young and have no one else to think about. The city life is ideal when studying or starting out your carrier. Especially if your school or work is centrally located. Enjoying the creative atmosphere of a vibrant city where you can just walk outside and find a nice place to eat good food on the next corner and meet up with friends for a drink, or two. 

When it is just you or just the two of you, the decision is easy. Why should you move away from everything the city has to offer. You could probably afford a much bigger apartment in the suburbs. But do you need that much space when you live in the city? You will probably not want to spend your days at home anyways. Spending free time out on the town enjoying different events, meeting people, eating good food and everything the city has to offer. Not being tied to a car. You have the “world” at your doorstep and everything you want to see is in a walking distance. When a baby arrives, the decision becomes a little tougher. 

Should I stay or should I go

The idea of a baby is born and the thought about living in the city changes. Is it safe enough? Is there a good kindergarten in the neighbourhood or a school nearby? Do I need a backyard? Is space more important than location? Can I carry a baby and everything that comes with it up 4 flights of stairs? There are many things to take into consideration.

If you are already a city person, you will probably find yourself evaluating the pros and cons of the city life.

The value of experiences

Growing up in a city exposes children to different opportunities and experiences. A bigger house in the suburbs with a backyard has the option of a swing and a trampolin. Freedom to run outside and play. But how will the city life affect your children? Cities offer exposure and opportunities to experience great public spaces and interact with a diverse range of people. living in the city you are usually not tied to a car when you want to do something with the family. You have easy access to public parks, libraries, movie theaters, skate parks and museums, all in walking distance.

Living small, you will need to rely on the world outside your home, instead of bringing everything inside the home. Raising kids in the city is often a choice of putting money toward experiences rather than stuff.

If you have decided to stay, read about planning a city life with a baby.

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