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How to keep your baby warm outside in winter

There are several benefits of being outside with your child as well as several risks.

The cold is obviously one. Many parents wonder about clothes and how to keep their children warm. Here we list some options. And link to our absolute best tips.

1. Stopping is just not an option if it is many, many degrees below zero and/or very windy. An active life with fresh air is good for your child but is also important for you the parent as well.

2. Layer and layer some more. Having several layers is a good technique for keeping the heat in. The air between the different garments is what keeps the baby warm. The best thing is to have a wool garment closest to the child’s body. Cotton does not breathe in the same way and becomes wet if the child gets too hot and sweats and then has a powerful cooling effect.

3. Warm socks or booties and a good hat. The child’s head is really important to keep warm. Maybe you’ve heard that for children it’s “the chimney of the body”. Little children’s feet are cold faster than ours because their blood circulation is not equally as strong as adults’. On top of that, they are sitting or lying in the carriage and do not move as much as you.

4. Blankets. You can bake your child in blankets. But you have to be careful. Blankets can be a suffocation risk if the child gets them over the face.

5. Baby carriers. Baby carriers are such a good alternative that we have written a separate post about carriers and heat here.

6. Footmuff. A must! A footmuff keeps the child warm in winter. Research has shown that children sleep outdoors sleep longer than children indoors. There is no research on whether children in a bag are sleeping longer than those without but we have strong suspicions about
that! 🙂

And here we give you our best (and most biased) tips on keeping your baby warm (but not too hot) in something nice (almost too nice).