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How to use the Najell Pregnancy Pillow for breastfeeding

How to use the Najell Pregnancy Pillow for breastfeeding

Najell's Pregnancy Pillow is an award-winning pregnancy pillow, made to match your home and be a natural part of your interior design. It can be used both as a pregnancy and nursing pillow and is the perfect companion to your sofa, bed, or chair. So you can always keep the pillow close for when you need it the most. Here we will show you some different ways of using Najell's Pregnancy Pillow and how it can help make breastfeeding more comfortable.

The full length body pillow: Perfect for sleep or those calming sofa moments together.

Not only does the full length pillow help you get the perfect sleeping position by supporting you body where it needs it. But by using it in a U-shape and adjusting it according to your needs, you can also have it on the sofa when it’s time to breastfeed. Plus, you can easily change the firmness and make it softer or harder, just by adjusting the knot. Meaning you can find the most comfortable position for you and your baby. The pillow gives good support to your back, arms and shoulders and helps the baby to be in the right position.

One of the smaller integrated nursing pillows: For when having a Fika (a tea break to us Swedes), eating dinner, or relaxing in a lounge chair.

Najell's Pregnancy Pillow includes two smaller nursing pillows. Whether or not you’re relaxing in a lounge chair, or having dinner around the table, the smaller nursing pillows are the perfect shape and size. You can also easily bring one in your stroller when you’re going for that afternoon coffee.

Adjustable and flexible according to you and your baby.

Your body changes a lot after pregnancy. With Najell's Pregnancy Pillow you’re able to alternate between different options and change how you use the pillow, depending on what your body needs at the time. The different sizes also make it easier to find the right position for the baby. Using the full-length pillow is perfect for breastfeeding your newborn, to make sure that the baby can reach your chest. And then when the baby gets a bit bigger, you can choose one of the smaller pillows and and have it rest against your stomach.

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