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List of fun summer activities for the entire family

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List of fun summer activities for the entire family

16 fun summer activities

2. Have a picnic in the park

The park is usually a calm and protected place where children can safely run around. There are trees to climb, playgrounds to explore, and animals to see. Bring a picnic and a blanket and you're good to go.

3. Enjoy coffee at your favorite place

Bring the family to your favorite coffee place and enjoy a good cup of coffee outside, while spending quality time with the family. If you bring a coloring book and coloring pencils or some fun games, you can keep your toddler occupied and satisfied.

4. Go hiking and explore the forest

Hiking is a good way to get some exercise and fresh air. It’s also a good way for your baby to discover nature.  With its different smells and colors, it affects the baby's senses. When it's time for a nap the baby can sleep soundly in the baby carrier.

5. Meet animals at the farm

Animals are probably one of the main interests of small children. They find them fascinating and often learn at a very early age to make the sounds of animals. Find a farm in your local area and go meet and learn about different animals.

6. Explore life under the sea at an aquarium

Your baby will be happy and amazed at the colors and the fish swimming around. A fun and educative activity to do during the warmest hours of the day, or when it's raining outside.

7. Rent a boat or canoe

Put on a life jacket, and a captain's cap and set sail together. Exploring the surroundings via boat gives your little one a whole new perspective.

8. Relax at the beach and practice swimming

Bring your baby to the beach and dip their toes in the water. Just be careful that your baby is well covered from the sun and that you have a shade to go to during the warmest hours.

9. Arrange a treasure hunt

It might require some preparation, but a treasure hunt is a fun activity for the entire family. Make a map with clues leading up to the great treasure. Here you can find some tips for preparation.

10. Paint outside

Bring chalk paint, pens, or paint and brushes and bring out your creative side together. Find a nice motif outside to depict, or use your imagination. It's a good way to encourage creativity, imagination, and cognitive development.

11. Borrow books to read together

Go to the library and pick up your favorite children's books. Sit in a park or outside in the garden and enjoy amazing stories. Storytelling becomes a lot more fun when you can explore the world around at the same time.

12. Go litter picking to teach your kids about recycling

It might not sound like the most fun and exciting things to do, but it's really important for our environment. To go litter picking teaches children about recycling and environmental responsibility. Many non-profit organizations organize cleanups in cities and coastal areas, such as The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation.

13. Organize an obstacle course

Kids love a more challenging play time. And adults love to feel like James Bond for a day. An obstacle course is a good way to play together, and at the same time encourage thinking and problem solving. Find some good activities here.

14. Do some gardening, or visit a public garden

Choose your favorite plants and flowers, go and buy seeds together and do a little planting as a family. Or, visit a public garden together. The small ones will enjoy being in the garden and seeing all the plants in different colors. It’s also a good opportunity to teach them about the environment, biology and science.

15. Pick berries at a self-picking farm

To go to a self-picking farm and picking berries together is a good activity in many ways. You get to be outside in the sun, and afterward you have a looot of tasty berries to enjoy together. Win-win!

16. Bake together

Baking is not only great fun to do together. It also engages all of the senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. It is a great way to encourage imagination, empowerment, and creativity. Maybe you can make a berry pie together?

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