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Tips for babywearing during wintertime

Tips for babywearing during wintertime

It’s cold outside. But there is no reason that you should stay at home. Walks outside and going out for fresh air or to meet people can be the best thing you do today. Both for you and your baby. But there are few things to consider, before heading out.

What to think of when babywearing in the cold weather:

Dress in layers

Put a thin layer of wool next to the baby’s skin, and another layer on top, like an overall or Najell Baby Carrier Warmer. If it's very cold outside, put on a sweater, and thicker pants as a middle layer. The wool will keep the baby warm and let the heat out to warm up the overall or the Warmer. Wool also has the benefits of being warm even when it gets wet. Wearing layers makes it quick and easy to remove a layer if it starts getting too warm.

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Use a baby carrier cover:

The Najell Allweather Cover has a universal fitting and will keep your baby warm and protected from wind, rain and snow. It’s warm and soft and the water-resistant material will make sure the baby is well protected. It’s easy to put on in only 2 steps.

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Cover head, hands and feet

Always cover the child’s head with a hat. The body loses heat through the head. Keep the baby’s feet and hands covered, and make sure that there is no skin exposed.

Free airways

As always, when you have your baby in a baby carrier, make sure the child’s airways are free and that no fabric hangs over or covers the mouth or nose of the baby. When you are both well dressed, this point can be extra important.

Be safe

Even though there is no reason to stay at home when it's cold, rainy or snowy, you should make sure to be safe when the ground is icy and slippery. Use ice grip under your shoes, be careful where you walk or even consider if you should stay at home. It can be hard to protect your baby if you slip on the ice while babywearing.

Don’t hesitate to go out because of the cold, you will not freeze. One of the benefits of carrying in a Baby Carrier is how warm it keeps both you and your baby, even in cold weather. The baby’s body sits against your body and body heat gets directly delivered and keeps you both warm. The Najell Baby Carrier Warmer protects against wind, rain and cold from the outside.