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Weirdly surprising facts about winter babies

Weirdly surprising facts about winter babies

The weather might be dark and gloomy but for winter babies the outlook is sunny. Don't believe us? Just read these weirdly surprising facts.

1. Expecting? Expect a big baby.

Don't mess with winter babies! According to studies from both Harvard and Queensland universities, babies born during the winter months tend to have larger body frames than their peers.

2. ... and maybe even a heavy one.

Also, these babies are known to be real heavyweights. The same studies have shown that winter- and spring-born children were 210g heavier than those born during summer and autumn.

3. Well-built in winter

Well, we did say that these little babies shouldn't be messed with. Babies born in the winter are not only big but also have stronger muscles and bones. This is because of all that vitamin D the pregnant mother gets during summertime. Also, they're more likely to be athletic than their summer peers. Future Olympian?...You never know!

4. Big heads and big brains?

On top of that, winter babies had head circumferences significantly larger than other babies. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they're clever as well. In fact, those witty winter tots had a higher score in a series of intelligence exercises.

5. They tend to be taller...

Smart and reaching for the stars, huh? Maybe an extra inch or two will help them on the way. Those born during the wintertime are actually taller. Having on average 0.19 cm over their peers.

6. And live longer as well.

They are not only more likely to reach the big 100, but, individuals born in December were more likely to live to the age of 105. This is according to a study published in “Experimental Gerontology.”

7. Gloomy weather makes grumpy babies

"Hello darkness my old friend", said the baby when arriving in the world. Summer babies actually have a brighter outlook than winter-born grumblers. But hey the winter can get to us all right!

8. ... but they are usually less irritated and stressed

They might have a pessimistic point of view from time to time. However, winter babies can handle those they find annoying better than those born at other times of the year. A study actually showed that they were significantly less prone to irritable temperament.

9. Winter = well-behaved?

A study at Queensland University assessed the behaviors among four to five years olds. They found that winter-born kids were better behaved than others. Nice right?

10. They are early crawlers...

A 2014 study found that babies born in Winter start crawling earlier compared to babies born in summertime. They began to explore the world around them as early as week 30, while the summer crew started crawling at week 35 in general. Prepare to put Nanna's antique vase away...

11 ...and ready to take over the world

Adults born in January are more likely to be CEO:s, a study published in the journal ”Economic Letters” shows. Do you have a boss baby in there maybe?