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Wrap vs carrier? What should you choose?

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Wrap vs carrier? What should you choose?

The difference between a baby carrier and a baby wrap

A baby wrap is often seen as a snug carrying option during the first few months with your newborn, with many people using it as early as birth. A baby carrier can also be used from the start and, depending on the model, can often be used until the baby is 1-3 years old.

The baby wrap - a snug way to be close to your baby

Three quick benefits:

  1. Carrying closely or skin-to-skin via a soft material

  2. Easy to breastfeed in

  3. Takes up little space and is easy to pack

Unlike other types of baby carriers, a baby wrap doesn't have any buckles or snaps to fasten with. Instead, the baby sits in a piece of fabric, which is tied around the carrier's body. Giving you a cozy way to stay close and strengthen the bond with your baby. Many parents can sometimes feel unsure about getting the right position in a baby wrap. Especially as most variants on the market require you to tie the wrap around yourself and the baby. However, the Najell Wrap is a pre-tied baby wrap that is as easy to put on as a t-shirt. This way you can get all the benefits of carrying your baby in a wrap, without the fuss of wrapping.

Parenting your way

We encourage you to carry your child, whether it's with a baby wrap or carrier. The soft fabric of a baby wrap is perfect for that initial period when spending a lot of time at home. From there many people decide to progress to a baby carrier, which provides better weight relief as the baby grows. Whether you decide on a baby carrier, a baby wrap, or both, Najell products are ergonomic, easy to put on, and simple to use.

Baby wraps and baby carriers from Najell