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"My baby isn't sleeping" - This is what you can do

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"My baby isn't sleeping" - This is what you can do

You’ve heard that babies can sleep up to 17 hours a day. Yet you're sitting there with red eyes, consuming copious amounts of coffee, and can't remember the last time your little one let you sleep through the night.

Sometimes sleepless nights can be caused by your baby being poorly, so it's important to always listen to your gut as a parent. If you suspect your baby is sick or has colic, always talk to your midwife. But there may also be a more simple solution. Here are some invaluable tips to keep your baby (and you) snoozing sweetly.

11 tips to help your baby sleep better

2) Dress your baby in temperature appropriate clothing

We all want to be comfy in bed. For babies, it's important to choose sleepwear that is appropriate for temperature. A good rule of thumb is to think about how you're dressed, and choose the baby's clothes accordingly. A baby sleeping bag ensures your baby stays comfortably warm during sleep, and with the insert you can add some extra warmth during those chilly evenings.

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3) Wear skin-to-skin

Babies who are carried in a baby carrier have been shown to have better sleep patterns. This is because studies into baby wearing have said it can reduce crying and anxiety. And that babies will sleep longer, deeper and more peacefully.

4) Let your baby fall asleep when they are tired

It's easy to think that sleeping less during the day means more sleep at night. But if the baby is not allowed or able to fall asleep when they need to, there is a risk that they will be overtired in the evening instead.

5) Use a baby carrier, or babynest, during the day

Baby Carriers and Babynest SleepCarriers really are the perfect nap spots. So having them with you means you don't have to plan your days around your baby's sleep schedule.

6) Rock your baby to sleep

The rhythmic movements of rocking are reminiscent of the mother's womb. So rocking your baby back and forth in a carrier or baby nest before bedtime provides a sense of security and calm for your little one.

7) Give your baby a safe sleeping environment

Babies like to fall asleep in familiar places. The Najell SleepCarrier provides a recognizable safe environment for your baby to sleep in, no matter where you are.

8) Some babies fall asleep easier with white noise

White noise is a low-frequency sound similar to the sound of the womb. That's why babies associate white noise with the safe, comfortable feeling of their mother's womb. If you want to try it, there are several playlists available on Spotify (or other streaming services).

9) Have everything you need ready

Keep nappies, wipes, and a dimmed night light by the bed. With the Najell Changing Pad and Najell Cot Organizer, you can have all the nappy essentials in one place and close to hand. Meaning you can both get back to sleep faster. 

10) Don't let your baby go to sleep hungry

Generally speaking, babies who are full sleep better, deeper and longer.

11) Still not working? Try this trick!

New dad Nathan got his three-month-old baby to sleep in just 40 seconds (!?), without using anything more than a tissue. Want to try it for yourself? Check out the video!

Baby products that make it easier to sleep

Looking for a safe and smart place for your baby to sleep? The Babynest SleepCarrier not only fits in your stroller, but can be brought out and about without waking your baby due to its handles. Carrying your baby in a baby carrier or a baby sling during the day is also a real sleep aid for your baby. And at the same time you can do everything you want with two free hands. How great is that?

Products to help your baby sleep better