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Benefits of using a baby wrap

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The benefits of using a wrap baby carrier

There are many benefits of baby carrying. Despite that, many parents never carry their baby in a baby carrier or a baby wrap. Some parents do it now and then, others regularly and some of us become baby wearing enthusiasts.

Benefits of baby wearing - for the baby

The easiest argument for baby wearing is that it increases your mobility and you get two free hands while carrying your baby close to you. And even more important; carried babies tend to be happier and cry less. So everyone wins. But wrapping a baby wrap isn’t that easy, at least not for the first few times. You have five meters of fabric and a crying baby that wants to be close to you. It is common to panic and give up on the baby wearing. Check out the Benefits of babywearing - for parents

Najell Wrap baby carrier - skin-to-skin made easy

We at Najell, believe in all of the benefits of baby wearing and want to encourage and make it easier for parents to carry their baby. That’s why we designed the Najell Wrap- a pre-tied wrap that you put on like a t-shirt, insert your baby and you are ready to go.

The Najell Wrap has a fully covered back so you can carry skin-to-skin without showing a naked back. The soft fabric is comfortable for both you and your baby. The skin-to-skin carrying also allows you to breastfeed in the wrap. Providing the closeness that your baby needs, especially during the first few weeks.

Even though we at Najell, want to encourage mobility and an active lifestyle, we know that during the first few weeks, you spend a lot of time together at home. You are recovering and still getting to know each other. Everyone needs sleep and some nice and quiet. That’s why the Najell Wrap has no knots in the back. Lie on the sofa and read a book, watch your favourite TV show or take a nap together.

With the Najell Wrap we want to encourage and make it easier for everyone to carry their little ones.

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