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Exciting facts about spring babies

Exciting facts about spring babies

Spring is the time for new beginnings. The weather gets warmer, the trees get greener and flowers start to appear. Almost as if the world has renewed itself. So it's no wonder that spring babies are known to have a special kind of determination in comparison to other seasons. From stronger immune systems to increased optimism to being natural leaders. Spring babies, just like spring itself, are bright and promising. So what better way to kick-start spring than with some exciting facts about spring babies.   

1. Spring babies can be very determined 

Babies can be bossy. They keep us up at night, scream for attention and give a whole new meaning to the word ‘hangry’. But according to a study by The University of British Columbia, there is a good chance that babies born in the spring will continue to rule the roost in the future. That's because they are more likely to become CEOs. Which is also true for winter babies, as we discussed in another blog article.

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2. A happy baby means a happy parent

There's nothing cuter than a laughing, happy baby. And as the title says, "a happy baby means a happy parent!" According to research and an article in Time magazine, children born between March and June are generally happier and more optimistic throughout their lives. Children born in the spring generally scored higher on the Hyperthymic scale. What does this mean? To put it simply, it means that you probably have an optimistic and happy baby. Sunlight at an early age can be the key to a lifetime of positivity. 

 3. With spring comes pollen!

Spring isn’t all a bed of roses. With spring comes pollen, blocked noses and itchy eyes! However, if research is to be believed, this is something spring babies don't have to deal with. According to a study from The University of South Hampton, spring babies are less likely to develop allergies, including hay fever, asthma and pollen. 

4. Little night owls

Stock up on coffee! As all parents know, babies are not pros at sleeping through the night. And if we listen to the research, spring babies are apparently real night owls. According to research, babies born in spring and summer tend to fall asleep later in the evening than babies born in autumn and winter. Interestingly, however, female babies, regardless of when they are born, often fall asleep earlier in the evening. So again, if you've got a little guy this spring, it's time to stock up on coffee!

5. Left-handed = creative?

Left-handed people are often said to be more creative. Which is true! In fact, children born in the spring are more likely to be left-handed and more creative. Maybe your spring baby will grow up to be an artist, musician or even an actor? 

6. Finally, for the astrology lovers 

Here are some facts for you. By now, you probably already know that babies born from 21 March - 19 April have the zodiac sign Aries and babies born from 20 April - 20 May are Taurus. Aries are often "passionate, independent and innovative people" while Taurus are often "smart, ambitious and trustworthy". Look! That seems to match the list. Maybe there is some truth in Astrology and zodiac signs after all! 

Spring brings good news! If you have a child born in spring, chances are that your child is not only happier, but more creative, determined and well-equipped for life's challenges, not least for pesky pollen. But with sunshine comes rain! Something we simply have to accept when it comes to our babies is longer and later bedtimes and in turn greater caffeine intake. But what does that matter when your child has a bright future ahead of them?

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