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Cracking the Parenthood Code: What We Wish We Knew Before

Cracking the Parenthood Code: What We Wish We Knew Before

Newborn parent or soon-to-be one? You’ve probably googled every single question on the world wide web to feel prepared and confident going into this next chapter in life. But we know for a fact that becoming a parent is a wild ride that comes with surprises you didn’t even know were possible. From the early arrival of those strong-willed personalities to the unexpected joys of watching your partner turn into a baby-whisperer, we've all been through it.

Ever wished for a time machine to share some wisdom with your past self? Well, we've got you covered. Ghita, Niklas, Katla, Linda, Camilla, and Malin from the Najell team are dishing out their most eye-opening 'aha' moments about parenting. Who would've thought that a teeny human could have such a giant personality? Or that dads bonding with newborns from day one is an absolute game-changer?

In this blog post, we're spilling the secrets of lessons we learned – the hard way, of course. From enjoying the fleeting phases, and trusting your gut, to tuning out the endless sea of everything from well-meaning advice to mom-shaming.

Lessons learned from the parents at Najell 

“Trust the journey, enjoy the ride and stay present in the moment. Indeed, there will be sleepless nights, either sooner or later. And yes, children have their own unique wills, which can sometimes be quite tiring. But in the grand scheme of things, it's the precious memories you create with your child that will remain, not the fleeting moments of fatigue. The Swedish saying, 'What will it matter in a hundred years?' truly resonates when it comes to raising a child and is a valuable perspective for parents to remember.”

- Peter, dad to Andrielle with one more on the way

“I didn't realize how early my baby would develop her own unique personality and strong will. Her fierceness came much sooner than expected.”

- Ghita, mom to Sofia

“It’s easy to feel like you are not needed watching your partner give birth. It’s easy to feel the same when the newborn is in the arms of the mother. I strongly encourage all dads to ask for time with the baby to make you feel as close with your baby from day one.”

- Niklas, dad to Enzo, Vincent and Tyra

“To be present! Everything happens in phases and even though some feel never ending, they pass in an instant. Before you know it, they aren’t babies anymore.”

- Katla, mom to Elise, Folke, Hilma and Elvin

“Do your own thing. Everyone has tips and tricks about literally everything. But every baby is their own little person with their own personality. You will always know what's best for your baby.”

- Linda, mom to Billie and Alba

“You don't think in the same way after having kids. You don't have time to overthink the little things you used too. Minor outside stresses just don't hold the same weight, which can be a relief.”

- Camilla, mom to Naia and Noel

“It's amazing to watch your partner become a parent. You can really see what features and traits your baby got from them, it's like looking at a mini version of them.”

- Malin, mom to August and Valentin

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