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Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2

Najell Original Volume 2

Sage Green

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  • Easy to use with magnetic buckles

  • Versatile carrying with 5 unique positions

  • Hip Seat included

  • Use from newborn up to 3 years

  • The Najell Original Vol. 2 Baby Carrier is easy to use and adjusts to your growing baby. Both parents can comfortably carry the baby close, with easy one-hand fastening and few settings when changing the baby's position. You have the option of carrying your baby in 5 different positions. Including a pure hip seat, for fast ups and downs. It’s made out of high-quality materials with a clean Swedish design.

    Simplicity with one hand fastening

    The Najell Original is a breeze to put on and off, allowing you to be the best parent for your baby. After putting the baby carrier on you can safely slide the baby inside and easily fasten it with magnetic buckles. Meaning you can put the baby carrier on using only one hand, leaving the other hand free to attend to your baby. That's what makes it so simple and easy to use.

    C-section and post-partum bod friendly

    Many post-partum bodies are sore and tender. With the Najell Original Vol. 2 you have the possibility to carry without a waist belt, removing the pressure on the lower belly. This is especially good for those recovering from a c-section.

    Possible to use as a pure hip seat

    By removing the upper section of the baby carrier, the Najell Original vol. 2 can be used as a pure Hip Seat. Making it possible for fast up and downs, when your baby or toddler wants to be in your arms. The Hip Seat is a great option for quickly carrying your child in your arms, without feeling too much strain on your body and back.

    Pocket included

    When buying the Najell Original volume 2 baby carrier, you get a matching pocket. Perfect for storing all those things you need to be able to grab quickly. Phone, keys, wallet, candy, snacks, pacifier. You name it. The size is 20×15 cm. Read more about the pocket here. 

    Hip Healthy Carrier

    All of Najell's baby carriers are recommended as hip healthy carriers by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


    100% Polyester

    All fabrics are certified according to Oeko-tex Standard 100, class 1


    Wash in 40°
    No dry cleaning
    Do not use fabric softener
    Do not tumble dry





    What's the difference between the Najell Original Vol.2, Easy & Rise Baby Carrier?

    User Manual

    In the user manual you will find instructions on how to use the Najell Original Volume 2.

    You can find the user manual here.