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Najell Excels at Bambini Baby Awards with 5 Wins for their Baby Carriers

The winners of the prestigious 2024 Bambini Baby Awards have been announced, and Najell has achieved incredible success by winning a total of five awards for their products. 

The Najell Wrap secured Gold Awards for both Best Carrier/Wrap and Best New Parent Product. This pre-tied baby wrap is designed with both parents and babies in mind, offering the comfort of a traditional wrap without the hassle of tying. The Najell Wrap provides optimal support and closeness, allowing parents to bond with their little ones while carrying them comfortably. 

The Najell Rise Baby Carrier received the Silver Award for Best Carrier/Wrap, just behind the Gold-winning Najell Wrap. Additionally, the Najell Rise received the Gold Award for Best New Mum Fashion Item. The Najell Rise is designed to prioritize simplicity, comfort, and functionality while maintaining a stylish appearance. It offers parents a hassle-free experience with convenient magnetic buckles and easy transitions between different carrying positions, ensuring both safety and comfort for the baby. 

In addition to these awards, Najell received the Silver Award for Best Brand for New Parents. This recognition highlights Najell's dedication to creating products that support and improve parents' lives. By offering durable, high-quality items with a timeless appeal Najell aims to empower parents to live life on their terms.  

The Bambini Baby Awards, judged by a community of parents and carers dedicated to providing the best quality products for babies, small children, new moms, and parents, received an impressive number and quality of entries this year. The fact that Najell emerged as a multiple-award winner reflects the brand's dedication to excellence and its ability to meet the needs of modern parents. 

"We are thrilled with these recognitions. It is a confirmation of our hard work and commitment to creating products that are at the forefront in terms of design, functionality, and aesthetics, at the same time as user-friendly from a customer point of view." - Says Monique Holmqvist, Design Manager at Najell. 

For more information about Najell and their award-winning baby carriers the Najell Wrap and the Najell Rise, please visit Najell's website