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Najell is a fast-growing brand for pregnant women and parents of children under 3. In 2021, Najell’s Pregnancy Pillow was named Children’s Product of the Year in the “Eat, Care & Sleep” category by the Swedish trade association Lek & Baby. And our Pre-Tied Baby Wrap was also recognised by the same association, but in the category “Children on the Move” in 2019.

We are aware that the users of Najell outgrow the products after a period of use. Yet in an effort to further extend their lifespan, Najell has designed DIY patterns where new products can easily be created from the fabric of the Najell Wrap. These patterns are available to all and can easily be downloaded from Najell’s website. However, they will also be sent out to previous customers of the Wrap so that they can be put to maximum use. 

“We design products for expectant parents and their growing families and it’s fun to find new ways to make the products live longer” Niklas Najafi Kristensen, founder of Najell, tells us.

All of Najell’s fabrics are high quality and durable. This makes them particularly suitable for further use and reworking. This particular Pre-tied Najell Wrap is also in a soft and supple stretch cotton, making it a little extra forgiving. Perfect for DIY.

All patterns are available for download here:

“This was an extra fun project that can bring a creative joy in people’s homes” adds Monique Holmqvist, Head of Design at Najell.

Najell is in a very strong growth stage and the forecast for the year points to a turnover of over 40 msek. In comparison to 2021, where the turnover ended at 26,8 msek.

“The key to the increase is word of mouth and that happy customers tell friends and family that our products are comfortable, stylish and have a good function” concludes Niklas.

Najell was established in 2012 when the founders Niklas and Freja realized the need to be able to rock a baby to sleep and be able to move a sleeping baby without waking it up. That insight led to the popular product SleepCarrier being launched in 2014. Today, Najell offers a wide range of baby products for urban parents.

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