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Online sales spike 800% compared to May 2019

Online sales spike during covid-19. Swedish Najell has seen a high demand increase during the latest years. Covid-19 pushes online sales up 8 times compared to 2019 during the month of May.

“With the current covid-19 crisis we have seen a shift in consumer behavior. More customers want to buy directly from us as a brand.” Says Margret Runarsdottir Marketing Manager at Najell. 

The baby retail sector has not suffered as much as many other retail sectors during the covid-19 pandemic due to the fact that purchases have been planned for a long time. Customers know what products that they want in their lives once their baby arrives. 

“We have taken many small steps towards making the customer experience smoother. Just adding a chat function to our website has been very helpful for both us and the customer” says Margret.

May has been very hectic for Najell. Online sales are up 800% compared to May 2019. They have also added many new retailers during this period so overall demand is very high for Najell baby carriers and baby nests. 

“The corona-virus is something no-one could have predicted and many of our activities, like customer fairs have been cancelled. Being a smaller company has allowed us to quickly adopt and adapt new strategies faster than the big giants.” - Margret explains. 

For Najell, the focus this spring has been on product development. This has now resulted in the release of a new baby carrier, the Najell Easy.  The carrier is easy to use, lightweight and ergonomic. Perfect for travelling or just on the go near your home. It is available for purchase in select retailers and on

“It will be very interesting to see how sales develop during the summer, especially since we just released a new baby carrier, the Najell Easy”, says Margret.

Najell AB is a family run company that develops products for parents that choose to live an urban lifestyle. Najell’s focus is to design products that makes it possible to live an individualistic lifestyle when entering parenthood. The products emphasize equality, sustainability and high Swedish quality. Najell was established in 2012 when the founders Niklas and Freja realised the need to be able to rock a baby to sleep and be able to move a sleeping baby without waking it up. That insight lead to the popular product SleepCarrier was launched in 2014. 

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