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It’s easy to look at your newborn and wish they could stay that tiny forever. But, faster than you expect, children grow up and leave behind many objects that are no longer of use. Clothes, toys and, eventually, their favourite Najell Wrap. Well just throw it away… Never! That’s out of the question! Why not use all these fabrics to make your own parent and child items?

At Najell, we value sharing, recycling and up-cycling. That’s why we’ve created 7 easy “Najell DIY” sewing patterns. Precious items you can make from the fabric left over by your beloved wrap. All you need is a sewing machine and just a little time!

The Tote Bag

Now we know you are focusing on spoiling your baby, so we wanted to do something for you! Make yourself a 100% up-cycled, handmade tote bag that will take care of your belongings as you took care of your baby in the Wrap.

Find the Najell Tote Bag pattern here.

The Teddy Bear

Yes, it’s a classic. How could we not design the perfect Teddy Bear pattern? The iconic stuffed toy is here reinvented and will perfectly match your baby’s room.

Find the Najell Teddy Bear pattern here.

The Leggings

6 months in already? Say bye to the wrap and hi to these leggings! Pretty much the smartest alternative to keeping this soft material dear to your little one. Plus, it’s handmade by their loving parent!

Find the Najell Leggings pattern here.

The Shell

Do you live far away from the beach? Gave birth to a winter baby? No problem, add some summer feeling to your baby’s room! The flatness of the shell becomes a soft pillow for your precious little pearl.

Find the Najell Shell pattern here.

The Sloth

This little Sloth will help your baby have the sweetest dreams. With its ring shape, the Najell Sloth can sit on the beds edge. Helping distract them into a deep sleep during naps, cuddles or a long night’s rest.

Discover the Najell Sloth pattern here.