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Our checklist for keeping your baby warm this cold season

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Our checklist for keeping your baby warm this cold season

Winter is officially here. Knitted sweaters, scented candles, big mugs of tea and warm blankets are our saviours. But it's not just your home and wardrobe that need to adapt to the colder weather. Your baby needs to be ready for winter too. That's why we've put together a checklist of things to consider when dressing your baby for the cold.

How to keep your baby warm in the cold

Dress in layers

The key to preparing for any weather is layering. Having different layering options means that not only can you add warmth when needed but you can easily remove garments if your child is too hot. A good trick is to start with what you as a parent would wear e.g. top, trousers, socks etc, and then add a layer or two for your little one..

❏ Inner layer: Have a thin layer of cotton or wool when it's really cold. Wool keeps the baby warm, while letting out heat. It also stays warm even if it gets damp.

❏ Middle layer: Here add a warming layer if it's cold. For example, you can put on a pair of thicker trousers and a sweater, either fleece or wool.

❏ Outer layer: When you're not using a footmuff or an all weather cover for your baby carrier, a coverall is useful for all-weather protection.

❏  A Carrying Jacket will keep you and your baby warm: Najell The Najell Carrying Jacket is a fluffy, fab, and fierce way to keep you and your baby warm this winter. Designed in a soft teddy fabric and fleece lining, it can be worn both during pregnancy and with your baby carrier on either your tummy or back.

❏ Use a SleepCarrier: Prams can be poorly insulated and let in cold winds, so the baby gets cold from underneath. A SleepCarrier provides extra protection in the stroller, and also makes it easy to carry your baby into the warmth when it's time to go inside.

Winter essentials