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What to wear in a footmuff

What to wear in a Footmuff

There is actually no right or wrong and it all depends on how warm the footmuff is, how cold it is outside and what you are planning to do.

What to think of:

Have you been camping before? Then you might know that to be warm in a sleeping bag you should take off a layer of clothes. A sleeping bag heats up from the warmth of your body. Wearing too many layers will make you sweat and your body isn't able to heat up the sleeping bag. Wearing a thin layer of wool will keep you warm and let the heat out to warm up the sleeping bag. The same goes for babies and what to wear in a footmuff.

What to wear in a footmuff: When taking a nap

The Najell Footmuff is warm and well insulated down to -20 degrees. The baby’s body will heat up the inside of the footmuff. Fewer layers of clothes can, therefore, be a good idea. If you are putting your little one outside to take a nap, fewer layers of clothes are recommended.

What to wear in a footmuff: When strolling in the city

If you are going for a walk, and the little one would like to sit up, with the upper part out of the footmuff, you want to put on a warm sweater and/or jacket, depending on the weather.

Always cover the child's head with a hat. The body loses heat through the head and is never covered with a footmuff. The footmuff is warm, water repellent and can be used in a baby nest as well as most universal pushchairs and prams. Click here to read more about the footmuff.