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Different types of baby carriers

Different types of baby carriers

There are plenty of baby carrier alternatives on the market. All of which vary in shapes, sizes, styles, colors and designs. Here are the three most common baby wearing products.

Baby wraps

A baby wrap is often seen as one of the softest and most comfortable ways to carry a newborn. Unlike other carriers, there are no clasps, rings or buckles. A wrap is essentially a piece of fabric, tied across your body, where your baby can sit. Carrying a baby in a wrap gives the feeling of the baby being in a cocoon, since the baby is really close to your body. 

To carry in a wrap is nothing new - people have been doing it for centuries. However, today there are more alternatives: there’s a wide range of wraps with different functions, fabrics and patterns on the market today. Pre-tied or not, woven or stretchy, plain or patterned.

Slings, ring slings and pouch slings

The fabric of a wrap is usually soft and stretchy. A sling, on the other hand, is usually made out of a woven, more stable, but not as soft fabric.

A ring sling is also - just like the wrap - a piece of fabric to put your baby in. When wearing a ring sling you thread the fabric through two rings at the end. This creates a pouch for the baby to sit in. It's worn across the torso and is supported by one shoulder.

A pouch sling is a version of the ring sling carrier. It’s one loop of fabric that goes across the body - from one shoulder to opposite hip. Most pouch slings doesn’t allow you to adjust the size as your baby grows, or if you need to share it with others. However, many parents like that it's easy to put on and to put your child in.

Soft-structured carriers

A soft structured carrier is maybe one of the most common baby carriers, and what most parents think about when choosing one. It has padded shoulder straps, a waist belt and is usually fastened with buckles. Most carriers can be adjusted with straps. Meaning the baby carrier grows with the baby and can be used by a variety of people and body types.

A baby carrier allows you to carry your baby hands-free, in a stable and comfortable position. The padded straps and the waist belt offers slightly better support than a baby wrap. A soft structured carrier can therefore be a better choice when carrying during longer periods of time, or when the child is a bit heavier.

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