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Freedom and Free Hands with a Baby Carrier

Freedom and Free Hands with a Baby Carrier

You will notice one thing as a parent. You will enjoy your free time. A LOT. You will google for time-saving life hacks and try to find all the shortcuts you can. And it’s completely okay. 

Babywearing is great in many ways. It gets your hands free, opens up for more time for you and to more equal parenting.

Free hands equals freedom and free time 

“The Najell Easy is a must have, especially when you are a parent of three. It is a great help in everyday life, during cooking, shopping, trips or when one of the twins is fussy. A plus is that it can follow the baby from birth (3.2 kg) to 13 kg, and that it has three different carrying positions.”

- Aynur

Your baby will need your full attention, all the time. When walking around doing chores or activities, you need to keep your baby close to you and in plain sight. With a baby carrier, you can keep close while having both hands free. Making it possible to do everything AND at the same time taking care of your small one. 

Getting your me-time

“When you become a mother of 2, you really need to get your hands free, and this baby carrier from Najell has saved me many times. With big sister Olivia I once used a stretch wrap, but it takes too long to get it tied and now that big sister of 2 years often just needs her mother, it's really nice that I can quickly place the little sister Cornelia in the baby carrier. It is quick to mount the baby carrier and you can easily put the child in yourself, without need for assistance. I use the baby carrier every single morning, as it is me who is on maternity leave and therefore both leaves and picks up big sister Olivia in the nursery.”

- Kia

We all know how stressful it might be to be the only parent at home. Juggling between taking care of the baby and at the same time taking care of yourself and your home. Najell Easy has magnetic buckles. In that way, you don’t need to worry about needing help to put on the carrier. Allowing you to do things on your own. 

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